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SUN Xin, LI Xing

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Phytoplankton community structure characteristics and its influencing factors before and after freezing and thawing in Wuliangsuhai Lake
SUN Xin, LI Xing

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Комментарии к докладу / Сomments

Dear Xin and Xing, You presented very interesting results! But from the poster, unfortunately, not everything remains clear. Could you, please, clarify the names of the environmental factors shown in Figure 6?

Natalia Gnatiuk
Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre

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Comment: The authors considered the poorly studied area of limnology - the development of the plankton community in the lake before, during and after ice-period. The temporal dynamics of the plankton community in different periods of the winter season is analyzed, the factors that have the greatest influence on plankton in winter are determined. The authors also provide maps of the spatial distribution of plankton.

Questions: How the authors managed to create such detailed maps of the spatial distribution of plankton for a small number of observation points. In particular, small dark and light spots in the central part of the lake in November, January and May raise questions. It is also unclear what is shown in figure 5 - the concentration of chlorophyll "a", biomass, cell number, or something else? Are the data shown in this figure characterizing the surface layer or integral water column? The report does not provide a description of the lake (depth, river flow volume, trophic status), there is no information on the duration of the ice-period. This information is necessary for understanding the processes occurring in this lake, including, it can shed light on the features of the spatial distribution of plankton

Proposal for cooperation: the study of the hydrophysical conditions of the winter development of the plankton community (including bacterio-, phyto- and zooplankton) of a small lake under anthropogenic pressure (trout farm) is being carried out by the staff of the NWPI  Hydrophysics and Hydrobiology, starting from spring 2020. We will be happy to work with the Chinese colleagues to conduct research on this topic. We are glad to exchange experience of sampling and measurements of hydrophysical factors in winter. We are ready to submit a joint application for a research project.

Galina Zdorovennova
Northern water problems Institute Karelian Research Center of RAS


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Was any kind of model used to simulate the spatiotemporal variability of phytoplankton? Such high-quality data would be nive to be fit by a good model, I believe.

Ilya Chernov
Karelian Research Center of RAS


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